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Koh mr Saxman

Koh Mr.Saxman or Koh has been the familiar name to thai audiences and thai musicians for almost 20 years as a saxophone artist who has done many recording works for many artists, as well as his own studio albums.
Koh was born in 1973, and graduated from Chulalongkorn University in Music Education (1991-1994), even though he had chosen Accounting as the first major for his education before changing to music field. Mr.Kawinwut Klanpaithoon, Koh’s high school teacher who changed his life and gave good opportunities as well as advices to lead him to a professional musician.

Koh became a professional musician since he was 15 with his good skill of saxophone. He started performing saxophone at hotels, restaurants and pubs in Thailand, then formed a band called "Boy Thai” and had the first Thai-Jazz Mix Studio album with Aumporn Jakkapark’s supports.

Koh had been invited for performing with many Thai famous bands such as the Jazz Infinity, T-Bone before forming his own band and then released his solo album called "Mr.Saxman”in 2002.

Koh’s first solo album called "Mr.Saxman” (2002) attached with the biggest music label in Thailand, "GMM Grammy (Giraffe Records)”. Koh’s first solo album was supported by many good musicians and producers such as Dee Niiphong Honark, Chai Somchai Khamlertsakul and Seefa. Later, he had more albums, the second "Sax Appeal” (2003) and the third "Sax is all around” (2006) with GMM Grammy.

Koh also had the jazz album with Jeremy Monteiro, International Trio Recording in L.A. (USA) called "The Other Side of Koh” (2004) and the jazz album with his friends Soh ETC and Duck Infinity called "The Jazz Brothers” (2005).

In 2008, Koh played a role of businessperson by owning the first Jazz Music Company in Thailand called "Mellow Tone Records”. He worked together with his good producer Nueng Natthawut (Mr.Drummer) who also produced "The Sound of Saxman” album as the first album on behalf of "Mellow Tone Records”. The album was full with quality and best musicians around the world such as Darren Rahn, Mel Brown, Frank Selman and was recorded at Denver, USA.

In 2010, Koh was back with his new company label called "Chillin’ Groove Records” (CGR) and his 6th studio album "Happy Moment”. He once again puts himself as the director role player of the music label and purposes to release chilling music to his target audiences who have been waiting for hearing his beautiful saxophone and new works.

This year, the seventh studio album will be produced in various types of music by producers and artists who were requested by Koh to create varieties to music and it will be released by February 2012. Sepia, Mariam B5, Chai Somchai Khamlertsakul, Darren Rahn (American producer), Nueng Natthawut Phunsaichur (Mr.Drummer), Thanate Petchsuwan, Soh ETC, and Krijjazz (Monotone Group) are the names of producers and artists who made this album full with excitement and beautiful music.